Only one print per edition will ever be made in my 51x34 mounted format.


Niagara Falls no.26

Metallic Photo Finish

Metallic paper is slightly refelctive, mostly so in the brighter color tones. I prefer photography printed this way because it allows the photograph better adapts to its natural surroundings.

Most of the images I shoot are in standard 2×3 ratio, at a 51″x34″ dimension. Some of my landscape work may ship in a different size. 

This example shows a dark green color frame because it better compliments the image.

Wall Ready

Pictured here with 3/4″ inch standout. 

Print mounted to 1/8” graphic quality tempered masonite.

UV non-glare film applied to face of print.

Special grooved backframe for easy hanging!

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Photography Series

Awake Portrait Photography

Promotional Portraits
Senior Portraits

Awake Portrait Photography focuses on personality environmental exploration over traditional studio photography. I primarily work with artists, musicians, writers, and small business owners to create portraits that are both genuine and slightly surreal at the same time.

Awake Portait Photograpy

Cityscape Details

The City

Cityscape Details is an extension of my fine-art photography image series. From individual buildings on city streets to cityscapes as seen from above, Cityscape Details represents collections of architectural photography and personal explorations.

Ciytyscape Details

Visual Noises


Visual Noises houses all of my experimental fine-art photography & video series. The work I create here explores the unknown and contextualizes patterns —focusing on context and mood to reveal underlying forces at work.

Visual Noises